Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Today I read an article by Kay Harms about family traditions and it has me thinking.
"Traditions are the "we always" of families."
"Traditions are the highly protected and often-repeated rituals of life that make your family unique."

What kind of family traditions do you have that have stuck all through the years of raising your children and what ones were only for the younger years? What are some of your memories from growing up that involved family traditions? Well, we had many little traditions when the kids were very small: making up fuzzy-wuzzy bear stories at bedtime, leaving teeth for the toothfairy, singing the birthday song very badly,birthday banner up. For Easter we'd dye eggs, hunt them and be surprised when the Easter bunny dropped off Easter goodies that morning. Thanksgiving involved food, football and fun while watching the Macy's parade and forever being thankful for God's blessings. Christmas....putting up the tree together, stocking from Santa, going out to look for Santa while his helper stayed home just in case he needed a hand with something!, putting out a tiney glass nativity set that we hav has since our wedding day, reading through the story of Jesus' birth and still being amazed by it. These are just a few that I thought of...would love to here about some of your traditions!

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