Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Bowl 2008

This year the Turkey Bowl among workers and youth was highly anticipated by all. The trophy was a plus BUT the bragging rights are remembered for a year! Our guys played hard and enjoyed???suffered many aches and pains from this year's event. I was able to go this year for the first time....little did I know that I would also suffer an injury! I was on the sidelines playing the sports photographer part when....zoom....smack! Jesse hurled a ball my direction, someone let it slip through their hands and I caught it in the mouth...ouch. My camera is damaged, my lip is split, and my jaw is out of synch. But I had fun! I have to say that I may decide to wear a helmet next year for my sideline photos and bring the first aid kit....I may need it! Happy Thanksgiving to all our family and friends....we miss you!

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