Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Hazardous Life of a Pedestrian Living in Tirana, Albania!

Ok...I have been here 2 years and this is my first pedestrian accident...nope didn't fall into an open man-hole ...yet. I was finishing my visiting and shopping, pulling my groceries in my old lady cart...thinking I have had a really good day! Had coffee with a friend a few minutes before...yep,life is good. Then at an intersection, I was carefully navigating the road to cross with other pedestrians....half step...not safe! Walopppp! I motorcycle policeman hit me!
He was driving up the MIDDLE of the road, not following basic, normal rules of driving and wham! It took me a minute to register that I had just been hit by a motorcycle, the pain of my leg and foot started immediately. I crossed the rest of the way to the otherside of the road. "Mr. Policeman" did come and make sure I was ok, did I want to go to the hospital, etc. ("I want to live! No, I don't want to go to the hospital!" I thought.) So I assured him, I would be fine, turned and limped the rest of the way home, as I dragged my grocery cart behind me. What a sad, crying pitiful sight that must have been...the pain, frustration and insult to injury of having to walk all the way home after being hit! UGH! I am fine, except for a sore, black and purple leg...and a bit of a limp. It could have been much worse...I am really over working my guardian angel lately!
LESSON: Even if you are cautious and are sure that the way is clear....just look just never know who may be trying out for the NASCAR generation here in Albania!

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