Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Recents Sights & Thoughts

* Today I had Christmas cookies to give to Kristina...couldn't find her on the road near her mom...then all of a sudden I see her....sticking her head up out of the middle of the dumpster across the street...smiling sheepishly:). I had to smile back and wave! She did get to eat her cookies later I was assured.
* A grown man, wearing pink fuzzy house slippers on the road ...willingly? Just too funny!
* Another worker here...makes a statement that only one on Facebook would understand...."I can't find my wall, can anyone help me find it?!":) Oh the joys of technology!
* During our Women/Kids Bible study last weekend...one of the topics of conversation was setting our oldest son, Jeremy, up to marry one of our R friends daughters....oh, I don't think so...NOT going to happen...He is far, far away in America.;0)
* I was doing some shopping today in the outdoor "Treg" and a man asked me where I was from and then..."Can you get me a visa to go the USA?!" I nicely declined and said,"No, can't do that."
* Stepped off the bus this week into a very deep puddle/ river...thinking I really need to get some boots ...when will I learn the weather here?! Now for the 2 days to dry those Clarks out!
* I have been thinking that I think of here as home lately....hmmm. I guess it really is where ever you hang your hat/heart! I still miss my family but it is getting easier.
* Thank you all who do stop by to read my wandering and meandering thoughts!

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