Monday, February 2, 2009

A Hospital Visit

The baby of one of our RChurch Plant families was in the hospital this past week for 4 days. I needed to go visit, as this is expected and appropriate. On Saturday afternoon, I walked toward the pediatric is very close to our house. I stopped to buy some fruit to take to the mother and sick child. I arrived at the the hospital with 4 things: a bag of fruit, the baby's first name and the mother's first name and that I needed to look on the 3rd floor. That's it! I didn't know the last name (something we just don't use here), the room number, etc. Here in Albania, there is not an efficient nurses' station or "pink ladies" volunteering to help you find the room and patient. I went door to door (window looking) to see which room was the one with my friends....after 20 minutes and asking around, I called my teammate to verify what floor I was to look on. That is when I found out that the baby had been released the day before...just a bit of information I didn't know about. So, I left the hospital with the bag of fruit and the knowledge that I had tried to do the right and appropriate thing...a simple hosptial visit. Chalk it up to a learning experience!

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