Saturday, February 21, 2009

Water Heater Woes

We have been having water heater woes for weeks! Don is very handy and can fix most anything. This has been a big frustration! We have thus far replaced one and quite possibly will need to replace the other one too. The building we live in has a "special" system that is NUTS!
We have had days of no hot water and having to go to our friends house to shower...thank you Eshelmans and heat water to wash dishes. We then thought it as fixed, figured out, finished....not so. So last night we (I was only watching) switched out the water heaters again, in hopes to get more hot water. Well, we got enough for Jordan's shower...the rest of us are in the wait and see mode today. JUST ANOTHER area to learn patience.....I don't think I am doing very well with that! So wherever you are today...enjoy your hot shower and thank God for the small things:)

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