Friday, March 13, 2009

A 1st Birthday Party

Today, I took 2 buses and traveled the 35-40 minutes to the orphanage to volunteer. I try to do this every Friday as this is great language times with the workers and kids and I love playing with the little ones! I arrived at the home knowing that today was a special was E's first birthday! She is a cute little one--I think Roma background---with dark curly hair and beautiful eyes! She was the birthday girl! The workers at the home had a cake, a party hat and balloons for E...she was sang to and had 1 candle put on her cake. Too cute! My friend C. gave her a purple stuffed bear and I gave her a little black one....E just took it all in as the center of attention. We are praying that God will provide her with a family....I think that they all deserve a home and family. If you are ever interested in adopting a child from Albania...I can connect you with friends here who can give you more information!

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