Thursday, March 12, 2009

Albania's Teachers' Day-March 7th

March 7th is another Albanian holiday, Teachers' Day! This is always on the 7th of March. Teachers are given flowers, candy and gifts to show their appreciation. It is now expected by some to be given even more expensive gifts such as jewelry to show a student's thanks! I am afraid that this creates an environment of favoritism to those students who give greater appreciation gifts than those who give flowers. I am glad that teachers are recognized as it is a huge responsibility...but being fair to all students should be kept in mind.

We at the Tirana Co-op were also blessed for this holiday! The student council surprised each of the teacher's with a box of chocolates and a cake to share! We truly have some of THE best high school students! (Yep, I know that we have 2 sons in that group....:)

Thank you teachers for everything that you do!

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