Thursday, March 12, 2009

Teaching the ABC's in Albanian

My teammate, Liz, and I are planning to teach a few of the Roma children and women to read and Albanian! Liz has finished her full time language studies and is a nurse here working in a home-health outreach. We are so blessed in the RCPlant team that Liz joins us on Sunday evenings for the children's meetings. She and I have talked about the need for the R. children to be educated and how we can help in that. Most R. children in our area do not attend public schools. There are many reasons for this: racism against them, lack of funds, and the lack of understanding/value for education for them. An additional reason for the girls is that they believe that school is a bad place to go because they can be kidnapped by young men. (Which is a possibility.) Kristina (my R. friend) is 12 and has NEVER been to school. She doesn't know how to read and write. She is very proud of her brother who is 13 and can spell all the names of his family members!

All this to say, please pray for us as we venture out into this ministry opportunity. We will mainly be working one on one or with a very small group in a family or two. We will also learn as we go... as to how is best to teach them. If you have any ideas....please let us know! Just think how great it will be when they can read God's Word for themselves!

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