Saturday, March 21, 2009

You Got Funny Money Honey!

Oh my! Two of us on our team had counterfeit money recently! I went to the meat market to do some shopping and put my 1000 leke on the counter to pay. The very nice lady started to ask me where I got that money! I told her the bank or the exchange place. I really wasn't sure. She then started to show me how to know when it is "funny money" and not the real thing. So I am constantly analyzing my money now! I gave her another 1000 leke bill (this is about $10 now) and proceeded with my shopping on the way home....with 1000 leke less in my purse to spend.

The next day I learned that one of my teammates ALSO tried to spend "funny money" least I wasn't the only one who couldn't tell real from fake! She took a picture of her money in question...the top one is the counterfeit after the cashier punched holes in it so it couldn't be used anywhere.

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Jenny said...

Wow... it is really hard to see the difference. I guess I need to do some examining!