Thursday, July 2, 2009

Elections in Albania 2009

Election in Albania (borrowed this well done post from a friend!)
An election was held on Sunday, June 28, where the Albanians voted on a government (parliament) for the upcoming years. Some 4,300 candidates representing 34 political parties were vying for the 140 seats in Parliament. The ballot is seen as a crucial test of the Balkan country's hopes of EU membership, and a preliminary report by international election observers found signs of both improvement and violations.
Three people have been killed in recent weeks in what local media said were politically motivated attacks, although that remains unclear. A regional leader for the small Christian Democratic Party was driving when his car exploded earlier this month. A man was shot dead during an argument over a campaign poster, also in June, and an opposition lawmaker was gunned down in May.
It is now four days later, and the results remain unknown. At the moment, the Democratic Party, led by Prime Minister Sali Berisha has a slight lead over the Socialists, led by Tirana Mayor, Edi Rama The leftist LSI, a breakaway from the Socialist is third. There are still about 100 ballot boxes waiting to be counted and the process has been blocked as the two main camps accuse each other of tampering with the ballots to swing the results in the extremely closely contested election.
Analysts have said that if the outcome is tied at 70-70 seats between the two main parties, they may try to woo deputies from each other’s camps in order to form a government. If that does not work, then another general election will be called later this year in accordance with the country’s constitution.
Please pray for this crucial time in a country that needs to understand that real hope for Albania is not in a political system but in the Lord Jesus!
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