Monday, August 10, 2009

Albania Summer

Albania's summer is usually a hot one! This summer we started out much cooler and wetter than normal...not was very nice. Now, the heat has arrived and it is usually 80's in the house with the fans going and that's the "cool" place to go! I guess it's all a matter of your perspective. Some interesting cultural notes:
  • Most Albanians take a vacation to the beach in late July or August.
  • Albanians who live out of the country---come back into the country to vacation with their families.
  • The government offices close down for the month of August.
  • Most women go out to do the shopping and get their houses clean before noon! (not me...I am too slow!)
  • By noon or 1pm, the streets are very quiet and vacant. Shops close up and everyone goes home for a lunch and a nap ( in attempt to avoid the heat of the day). Most places do not have A/C.
  • By 6 or 7, the city come to life! Most people go out for walks, shopping, getting drinks or ice cream with friends. It really is a night owl culture!
  • My neighbors are very quick to tell me that it's too hot to be out past noon in the summer! They are showing their concern for me....the foreigner :).
  • Fresh watermelon and cantelope are a highlight for us! Cheap and tasty!

(PS. Thanks Jen B. for your ideas for this post!)

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