Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday Celebrations!

Liz C. and I have July we thought we'd do our birthday celebration together with some of our Roma friends. In Albania, it is a tradition to treat your friends on your own birthday! So Liz made cupcakes, I brought candy, peanuts, and drinks! (plus all the plastic plates and cups becuase they just don't have it)...we sat and visited a bit, then had fun taking pictures together. Liz's camera has a self timer...which our friends thought was so amazing! It took the photos by itself?!
We both received soap for our presents! It came on a great day....I'm sure we didn't smell the best after being out on a really hot day!
*Pink Flip Flip Photo Note: On the way to meet Liz that day, my flip flop broke as I got off the bus! Oh my! I stood there shoe-less! I couldn't walk barefoot in the neighborhood...not a great idea. So Liz went in search of a cheap pair of shoes for me ASAP! She came back with this great pink pair! What a day!

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