Friday, August 21, 2009

College planning...

Jordan is now a senior in high school! With that comes many decisions for his future after graduation. He has lived and ministered here in Albania the last 4 years with our after this...another journey. He and I meet together every Friday to talk over what needs to be done on college stuff. It is a bit overwhelming for both of us! There are a few questions that keep coming up that throw us both for a loop! They may seem simple to you, but they are COMPLICATED for us overseas workers.

Question 1: Address? ---OK this should not be difficult, right?
Well, when you have a SC driver's license, voter's registration in SC, pay SC taxes
no registered vehicle, no home in the USA,
our mail goes to WV to my parents,
our sending company is in PA,
our mailing address overseas is a PO Box here in Tirana, Albania,
and the fact that Jordan and Jesse go to a home school co-op here in Albania
BUT their high school transcripts are registered in MAINE!
So what is our address on college applications supposed to be? Any pointers???

Question 2: work experience, employers, etc. This is complicated too for MK's. They can't work here for a paycheck. They work for allowance or babysitting but not for an "employer". Jordan says this question makes him look like a bum! That is not the case but he has no real work experience on paper. If you know Jordan and what he does here in know that his "work" experience for God is long! He has been "doing" ministry with Albanian teens since we arrived here.
So what do you put on the applications? work: ministry employer: God.....

There must be a less stressful way to get the college applications filled out and financial aid and scholarship information in order. We still have many Fridays to work on them!

Just thought I'd share a bit from our College Talk Friday!

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Jenny Wheelis said...

Jeez.... sympathizing with your plight! Hang in there!