Thursday, September 10, 2009

Change, Transitions, Flexiblity, Fluidness....

Well, we have had alot of changes in our ministry lately. We have been writing out plans, goals, objectives and then suddenly everything changes! I have my thoughts that it could be from the added spiritual warfare going on during this month. I do know that through out all the changes, that God will still use it for His ultimate good. We are no longer going for meetings & lessons at Kadriu and Elvira's house. Kadriu has decided that he is done. What does that mean really? Not sure what is going on in his heart, but we are not going to have children's meetings or literacy meetings in their home now. That has been a difficult thing to accept. We have spent alot of time and energy with this family...and care about them.

God is still at work....the same day we were told for certain about this change...we visited with Ela and her children. After 2 hrs of visiting, coloring, eating scones that I had packed, and Julee answering some of her many questions. Ela asked for a Bible study in her home! She and Julee have been friends for about 4 years and now Ela is ready to hear truth! So this past Tuesday we had our first Bible lesson in her home. After Julee gave the lesson on Noah and what is belief, I took the kids outside and we played a game, made a craft, did a coloring page and learned "My God is So Great" song.

We left encouraged at what God is doing in this home. We don't know how long we will have the invite but are willing to share Truth with this family! Someone has said that being flexible is not even need to be fluid. I am finding that to be too true with the ministry. Please keep praying for us and our friends here.

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Jenny said...

Wow, I am sorry to hear about all this but praising God for His faithfulness the same time! Hold on for the ride!