Wednesday, December 9, 2009

November Happenings

November held many things....some really good ones and others not so good. I think a list would help here.
1. My Dad went in for a new pacemaker....had difficulties and it took alot longer to have it put in and then to adjust to. It still isn't working as it should. This is a big prayer for us...that Dad would be able to feel better soon.
2. Tirana Co-op Parent Open House: Planned and prepared and here...expect the unexpected. The caterer FORGOT us. So after and 1hr, they rushed our order to us and all was well. I didn't not handle this with a patient and good attitude....God is still teaching me !
3. A surprise birthday party for a dear friend here! She was shocked to find us all in her home when they arrived after  a trip out of town. Fun stuff!
4. Tirana Co-op Fall Masquerade fun for the boys. They had a blast!
5. Date night to Praktiker....ok...picture a  BIG Home Depot like store with a little Sear housewares added.
You know that I've been out of the country a long time when this is a FUN place for me to go on  a date. I would  usually pick a craft store anytime over Home Depot!
6. Making  80  Christmas cards---my holiday tradition.
7.  Scrapbook Day with friends!
8. Jesse's 16th birthday--celebrated a bit late due to his bout with the flu.
 A bowling night with 6 dozen cookies and great friends!
9. The passing of Don's grandma Nita and my uncle.
One is in the presence of the Lord, one we are not sure.
10. Turkey Bowl Football Game and Thanksgiving with Team.
BONUS! We saw God provide in less than 24 hrs for Jordan's college survey trip!

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