Saturday, January 23, 2010

Language Time with Lica

I had a fun 2 hours this past week with Lica (Leet-sa) my language helper. Lica, her sister and their mother  are teaching me to knit. Not an easy task for them! We spent the first hour knitting, laughing and talking. The second hour was spent making pancakes! I gave Lica a homemade mix and syrup for a gift and she wanted to know how to make them.So we did. It was fun to have things to do together. At the end of the time, a neighbor lady came in and she continued my knitting lesson for a bit! She then kept my scarf so she could make a pattern and teach me more next week!Gotta smile when you can pass the time learning a language with a houseful of willing helpers!

PS. I have alot to learn on the knitting....the man in the store had to tell me which knitting needles to buy. How embarrassing! Who knew that there are specific types for making socks and other things! Now if I can keep the cat away from the yarn ball!

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