Monday, February 1, 2010

Bits of Conversation

Today: A conversation with the store lady where I shop.
So why don't you have a car here?
Well, it's expensive and I don't have a place to park a car.
Also, it's harder here to drive for me.
Why is it harder here?
Well, there are driving rules that are mostly obeyed in America.
 One way means=one way. Stop=stop and so on. The roads here are chaos!
Oh! I understand. Traffic rules here are not obeyed. It would be harder.

 (I wish I could video some of it so I could share the chaos/fun with you!)

It is a hard concept for some to grasp, that we don't own a car here or own a home here(or in the States).
It gives us things to talk about! One day, I might be brave enough to drive here.
Until then I enjoy my furlough times to hit the highway and blast the radio!
Watch out ...only 4 months till I hit the road in the states!

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