Monday, February 1, 2010

A Different Type of Prayer Calendar

I have been challenged to pray more specifically for those around me...not just those that I am here to work with. To pray for those around me that do not know Jesus as Savior yet. Those that I come into contact with in my daily activities: shopping spots, neighbors, ministry friends, etc. I have put 31 of those names on a monthly calendar. Whether I know their names or only where they work...they are there on the calendar.  (Ex. the couple who work at the smooshy bread store.) One person a day for each day of the month. It's not a huge big prayer task...1 more person each day to pray for...but I feel it's what God wants me to do. To be intentional about praying for these to know Jesus as Saviour...and watch as God will be at work in and around them. How about you? Can you come up with a list of folks who need prayer for salvation? I am excited to see what God will do through the prayers of his people.

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