Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Fast & Fun Trip to Greece

6 am left Tirana
1 borrowed car (thank you Eshelmans)
11 hours on the road + 1 Dramamine for me
= Our family's quick trip to Greece for passport reasons.

We had many laughs on our road trip and I think a few memories were made! The drive to Thessaloniki, Greece was long and through terrible snow, ice and rain. A normal 8.5 hr trip took 11 hrs for us. We arrived at our hotel and then we rushed out to find......a MCDONALD'S! Woohoo! Fun stuff! Then to IKEA to do a very fast shopping.
The next day was Sunday so most things were closed (Orthodox influence). We did go to eat at Applebee's....yum. Enjoyed the always warm hotel room ---even the bathroom was warm! Endless hot Jordan reminded me. CNN news in English...that was a plus.
Monday morning we were up early to shop ALDI, Lidls and a mega pet store before leaving town by 9am.
After much discussion and laughs we decided on a dog crate for Jesse's puppy. A must at this stage of her life! Hit the road and had beautiful weather all the way home to Tirana.

This is just one more trip of laughs to add to the list of Zollinger adventures. :)

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