Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened at the Border

We were sitting at the Greece/Albania border, on our way home to Tirana.
The license on the car has TR on it, which  means Tirana. A lady knocked on our car window and proceeded to speak in Greek...then some sort of Albanian. She was asking if we could take her mother with us to Tirana?!
Meanwhile, her mother was sitting in the backseat of their vehicle--- just smiling away!
I thought, she must be kidding! You would trust your mother with complete strangers on the road!!!?
Don very politely told her we couldn't do that and that we were sorry. I have to say this was very strange to me.
The next day, I asked my grammar teacher about it. She shared that this is considered normal and nothing strange. For years that's just the way the people would travel, by means of whomever was going their way. A friend of mine has labled it "organized hitch hiking".  I still don't think that I am ready to travel HOURS with someone we don't know and who doesn't know us or English. Also, I don't think Jesse and Jordan would have had a fun time sharing the back seat with someone else's grandma!
Who knows, maybe one day.

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