Thursday, May 27, 2010

An Albanian Wedding Experience- Part 1

It was last Thursday and I turned down our little deadend road to find 4 of my Albanian neighbors finishing up the chore of washing out the garage floor. Don had been helping them for quite awhile as they cleaned, cleared and made ready half of the garage for a Plan B= in case of rain location for that night's Groom's party. This was a bit of news to me and you just go with the flow of things.

Our neighbors/DJs for the evening

For years  M. had been worried about her son being so old (he's only 45ish) and being not married. That in this culture is a very sad thing. He lives and works in Italy and his mother had been trying to "find" him a suitable wife. Well, she was successful...V. came into the picture. He returned from Italy to meet and get engaged with V. and then back to Italy for a few months until the wedding season (which is the summer). The Groom, F., arrived a week before the wedding festivities began.

Back to my Thursday, that night we got ready to go next door to the party. We had been told that they would teach us to Albanian dance and not to worry! Come and have fun! Well, I did fret and as most of you know I HATE the being the only foreigner in this mix and not knowing how to dance...I was a bit frazzled. And wouldn't you know the party moved to our house.:0)
The chairs were moved in, the DJ moved his stuff and set up on Don's workbench next to all the saw's, etc. The people began to arrive and the music blared. Of course, the power went out midway and Don rescued the party with his quick thinking and handy generator on the balcony with cords all the way to the first floor!Dancing and fun continued for hours---until 11:30pm. Later the power did come back on, I think they enjoyed themselves and we were able to be a part of a big event in our neighbor's lives.

our neighbor, M. and myself

Part of being a missionary is being willing to look foolish in your host culture. Laugh it off and learn from it. I have to say that Don and I are not the next winners on Dancing with the Stars, but I think we are even more accepted into our neighborhood because we were willing to take part in the party. A few dance lessons in our future couldn't hurt either!

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