Thursday, May 27, 2010

An Albanian Wedding Experience - Part 2

Sunday morning the music began at 8am. The big day had arrived for our neighbor's family. Today is the wedding party for the groom's side. At 9:00 the groom and his friends left to go get the bride from her family's home. They drive through the city honking and music blaring and the video camera  recording.
The above picture is when the bride arrived on our street and below is at the door of the groom's family.
She was welcomed by Raki being poured down the street as a symbol of killing the evil spirits.
They welcome the couple with 1/2 piece of Turkish delight and below is when her hand is dipped in a plate of honey and wiped above the door frame 3 times as a symbol of "sweetness"
entering the home with the new bride.

The invited guest carpooled to the restuarant that was rented for the Wedding lunch...for 200 guests.
We sat at a table with some of our neighbors and learned alot about Albanian traditions and culture. It was a very special day full of food, dancing, food, dancing, and more food! Oh my! This is "the" party of the family. A wedding is a HUGE big event in their lives.  After  5 1/2 hours of fun it was time to travel home with our neighbors and hang up our dancing shoes...exhausted and in need of a nap.(But the party atmosphere contiued on through Monday evening.)
Having your photo taken with the couple is another cultural thing to do. The bride was beautiful even without a smile....she's from the North and it's custom for brides to NOT smile during the wedding celebrations. She did slip a slight smile a few times during the event....I was hoping she would!

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