Thursday, May 27, 2010

Walking the Dog

 Having a inside dog or cat is not the  norm here. The older generation for the most part doesn't understand it and  they can't see the expense of it. Some pedigree dogs are being brought in and you do see them occasionally out with their owners. Sage is NOT a pedigree....she is a rescued street dog who now lives the high life....high as in our 3rd floor of the villa that we rent. (Our landlords are on the 2nd floor.)

Today the weather is beautiful, not too hot and no rain. I decided to walk Sage. She is no longer afraid of walks and that's progress. She used to be afraid of every loud noise and all the traffic. Now people are afraid of her. Why? Well, she is not a scarry beast but she can lick you ferociously! Most Albanians are afraid of dogs....due to the fact the they grow up being afraid of all the strays on the street that are sick and sometimes mean.

It was a funny site when we came near a large group of high schoolers. It was like the parting of the sea....they moved quickly out of our way and away from Sage! I had to laugh at the sight of it. If I was walking by myself, I would have had to walk into the street to go around the group...they wouldn't have budged.
                               So if you saw this face on the end of a leash....would you be afraid?!

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