Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Can you read this?

Well, I know that you can read or you wouldn't have come to my blog today. I just have a few thoughts I wanted to share after my day in the R. neighborhood next to our house.
1. If you know how to read and write... you are BLESSED!
2. If you were encouraged/"forced" :) to go to school...you are BLESSED!
3. If you had teachers that praised you and didn't shame you...you are BLESSED!
4. If you were told that you could be anything you wanted to be when you grow up...you are BLESSED!
5. If you have been told that you are smart and capable of learning...you are BLESSED!

Today I spent an hour and a half with my friend, S. She is 14 and desperately wants to learn to read.
I told her that it would be better to have an Albanian tutor but, I would be willing to help her once a week if she wanted. She is a hard worker and does her homework diligently. She WANTS to do this and I told her that she WILL learn to read and write in time. She only went to the third grade in school but it doesn't look like she remembers a lot from then. I walked away from that humbled. For every time I complained about school, teachers or homework....I am ashamed. Education is a gift. May we not take it for granted...EVER! Just my thoughts from today. Please pray for S. as she continues to learn to read.

(Side note: during the lesson time we had 12 kids on the floor coloring and doing ABC papers! S.'s brother said, "You could start a pre-school/kindergarden and be a tutor!" Well,  I'm not sure about that!)