Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another Roma Wedding

Weddings are a big deal! Every little girl dreams of her wedding day. It's the same here.
Our dear friends daughter, D, was married last month. She just turned 13 and is now a new bride. This was a family decision for her and one made in love for their daughter. They wanted a better life for D and to move her "up" in the world. She now has a better  home/apartment that is out of the river/shack area and she doesn't have to beg for a living. She is expected to keep house, cook, etc for the family (they live with his parents).  Her new husband sells plastic products in the Treg or on the street so he has a "job". This is very different for our foreigner mindset and we don't wish to see our young friends "married off" at such a young age. However, we do understand that this is a tradition among the Roma. We want to laugh with them when they are happy and cry with them when sadness comes. This is just another way  we can share God's love for them through life and experiences.

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