Thursday, February 28, 2013

Not 1 but 2!

 We all need reminders for things. The older I get, the more that's true. Sometimes I forget my keys, can't find my purse, and can't remember what I went into another room to get when I get there. Such is life. But there is one thing I don't want to forget....God keeps His promises.

Today, Don called me and said, "Quick! Look out the front door....there's a double rainbow like I've never seen before." So I grabbed my camera, you know I had to, and went out the door. That's when I was smacked with a bold, beautiful reminder that God still keeps His promises.
 I know that. But, every now and again I need a reminder so I don't forget.
Today, I received a double reminder... maybe God is trying to teach me something:)
 and one beautiful rainbow just wasn't enough today.

 Take a  few minutes to re-read Genesis 6-9 about the sin of man, the flood and God's covenant with man and all living creatures to never destroy the earth with a flood again. He placed rainbows in the sky as a sign of His promise/covenant to us all.

I don't know about you, but I am thankful for God's reminders to me.
He really is in control in this crazy world we live in and He is the original "promise keeper".
Tirana, Albania 2-28-2013


Spirit of 78 said...

Yea! I love it and it gave me warm fuzzies across the pond :D Love you my sweet sister in Christ!

Spirit of 78 said...

Yea! I am so glad to have this be your return blog! I felt the warm fuzzies across the pond. Love you my sweet sister in Christ! Hugs, Sue

Spirit of 78 said...

Awesome! I love you my friend and sweet sister in Christ...

Sharon Hart said...

Wow!! Great blog - will try to follow your comments, Krystal!