Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our Molly dog

Well, Molly is our stray that we adopted 2 years ago. We have nursed her through malnutrition, Distemper (she still has left over shakes from that) and now a broken leg. Blerina our vet sent us for x-rays and then put a splint on it. (sticks, cardboard, cotton and tape) They said it looks like a "kick" type fracture....that just makes me mad thinking about it! They  recommended that we take her to the only vet in town who could properly pin the fractured bones back together and cast it. That wasn't an option for us financially. So the splint + our #1 vet's excellent care  + 1 month splinted= Molly is able to put weight on that leg and the splint comes off this week. PTL!

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