Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Got Shoes?

Got Shoes?

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Many days I am overwhelmed at the poverty that surrounds us. We are neighbors with many, many Roma families who live along the river area. I've been here almost 7 years and it is still hard to see so many physical needs that I just can't do anything about. Yes, there are aid organizations that come through on occasion and hand out some things like: oil, flour, salt, sugar, milk, backpacks in hopes that some will send their kids to school. I've been told that the families receive about $30 assistance from the Albanian government each month. And like today, some friends gave me some clothes and shoes to give to needy families that I know. 

That's the sticky point. ALL the families along the river area are needy and some desperately so. I made a choice to share the items with 2 families this time and they were thrilled with their "new" things. One little girl t immediately threw her old, muddy shoes into the garbage and happily put the "new to her" tennis shoes on little muddy feet! BIG SMILES!

Then my problem was this: 

  • The two families were very happy and thankful. But their "advertised" joy brought a group of about 10 kids back to me also wanting shoes, etc. 
  • Helping a few then causes hurt feelings to the others. (I later went back  over to the  kids' neighborhood with a snack and we had a chat about the shoe situation.)
  • There are too many little feet near me to even try to put new shoes on.
So this is my dilemma so I had to share it.Today, when we ask ourselves, 

              "Which pair of shoes am I going to wear today?" 

Thank God that you have options. We are so blessed and sometimes we forget.

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Debbie Crawford said...

Our mission organization is going through the book: When Helping Hurts. It is insightful in helping someone know when and when not to. Though we always have to be obedient to what the Lord may be telling us to do.