Sunday, June 30, 2013

One Cent or One Lek Anyone?


Today as I was cleaning out my purse, I piled up the above 1 lek pieces and thought, ” Well, kinda useless to have these.” Few shopkeepers want to take them as payment. I doubt anyone would bother to pick one up on the road if they passed by it. It’s just like our pennies in the USA. For some reason we think why bother with something so small and insignificant. We want to deal with big bills and be done with it. Why jingle a lot of loose change around in your pockets or purse. But don’t we think the same way about other things in life? It has to be expensive, new, big, flashy, popular or trendy to get our attention and be worth a second glance.
Here some of our Roma friends experience daily what it’s like to feel like that 1 cent/lek piece that no one values. They are present but not seen. Pitied but not understood. In reality, they are deeply loved by God the same as any one of us. So the next time you pass a penny or one lek on the road, remember to also “see” the least of these all around us. They are extremely valuable in God’s eyes.

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