Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Way Back When & The Here and Now


So the year was 2003, and we were zollinger5sent. We even stuck a nickle on our prayer cards as a visual reminder to those who would pray for us. Don had finished his AA degree at CIU (this after working as a firefighter/EMT for MANY years). We had just joined our sending agency and we were unsure of where exactly we we go to share the Good News of Jesus. We knew that God had directed us each step of the way and He wouldn't stop now. We took a vision trip to Albania and just knew that was our next stop. Fast forward 3 years and after many, many hours and miles of travel, sharing with others about the small country of Albania. On August 31, 2006 our feet hit the ground in Tirana, Albania but we were now zollinger4sent ---as Jeremy had just graduated from high school and stayed in SC as we traveled across the ocean. 2010 was the year we celebrated Jordan's graduation and then became zollinger3sent. It doesn't get any easier to leave children on the far side of the ocean. In 2012 we saw Jesse off to college and adjusted to an "empty nest".

Now it's 2013,  we are now zollinger2sent and have seen God do amazing things in Albania! New believers gathering to worship and hear Truth, men's Bible studies,baptisms, kids' clubs, girl's clubs, women's coffees, countless hours of men working side by side and hearing about Jesus. Now we find ourselves in a serious support deficit. So much so that our organization needs us back to the States until our account/support base is brought back to a healthy level. Through the years, we've seen God's faithfulness and confirmation each step of the way. I know that we can trust Him as directs us now. Please pray with us as we seek to follow God's direction this summer. We want to share all that He has been doing in Albania!
2013-Don & I after the Mini English Camp for Kids

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