Saturday, December 27, 2014

Hugs & Hymnals---It is Well with my Soul

Going to new churches and meeting new people...not always an easy thing to do. Recently, I was able to attend church with my Mom. It was a privilege to get to know the sweet people in her church. I was struck by the friendly faces, hugs freely given, hymnals, unrehearsed specials, organs and piano accompanying the choir, no PowerPoint and the sweet sound of Bible pages turning as the Word is being preached. It was the humor at how the "back rows" always filled first. I loved how everyone had "their" place in the pews.

As a missionary, visiting new churches is part of our ministry. It is not always easy or comfortable. We visit once every 2-4 years, give an update and then it's back to Albania. We can't develop friendships with people like we'd like to. We don't get to plug in to church activities, retreats, or routines. It can feel like we are always a visitor.

But one evening a little girl played "It is well with my Soul" on the piano.  I listened and loved every note her little fingers played. It was during that "special music" that I felt a sense of belonging in that little church. They welcomed me in, showed me their heart for God and others, and let me "belong" during the short time I was there. I loved being introduced as Betty's daughter. My Mom is truly blessed to be part of that little church up Route 92. She has a place to worship and to serve others.

Greenbrier Valley Baptist Church is located on Route 92 in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. If you're up that way, stop in and say hello. Tell them you got there by way of Albania! (Find them on Facebook


Anonymous said...

I grew up in churches like that. Love this post, Krystal.

Krystal Zollinger said...

Thanks, friend!