Friday, December 19, 2014

Thinking About... Old Friends

This week, we recieved news that a dear old friend is not doing well. Mrs. P. is up in age and it's just catching up to her. I've known her since 1985 and she is such a lady and super prayer warrior. When in Florida we made a point to stop in to visit her and grab a hug and see her sweet smile. She would always pray with us before we left. It saddens me to know she is struggling but I know that she is just ready to see her Savior's face and be by her dear husband's side once again. 

Mrs. P. reminds me that our senior citizens are treasures that we need not take for granted. We can learn so much from them. They may move a bit slower, repeat things, not be up on all the techno gadgets, or seem to only talk about the good-ole days. Take a minute to call or visit and just listen. Listen to their stories from another time. Ask questions about their childhood experiences. Appreciate their wisdom. Cherish the times you have with those older folks in your life.  We know that each day is a gift and only God knows just how many of those days we are given. 
So thinking of Mrs P. Caused me to pull out an old recipe she shared with me years ago. Cookies that make the house smell sweet and bring a smile to all who eat them. 

Update 12-19-2014: Mrs. P went to be with the Lord. 

QUESTION: Is there someone whom you can call or visit this week that may need an extra bit of love during this Christmas season? 

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