Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"Your blog is a reflection of your life." (or it should be)

 Wonder why posts on my blog had come to a complete halt? Me too! I find myself thinking about writing a post and then talking myself out of it. I am determined to come to terms with this problem today. 
So I am looking back and asking myself, "Why do you even have a blog?" Good question, huh? Well, I started this blog back in 2006  at the encouragement of dear friends. It was a way to share/journal my every day life, family, ministry, what I am passionate about, my opinions, my faith, and some fun ideas and laughter added along the way. I had hoped to encourage others as I shared my story with its ups, downs and in-between.  Truthfully, my reasons for writing a blog haven't changed. 
What changed? I let fear of criticism, fear of offending someone, fear of rejection and not being good at this "blog thing" keep me from sharing my unique story. Yes, I may not have anyone but family read this blog. Yes, I may face criticism when I share my personal opinions, unintentionally offend someone, face rejection when I share my faith in Jesus Christ. Yes, I acknowledge I am NOT a professional writer. I write/journal primarily for myself, my family  and friends. 
So, I am back! I want this to be a place I can post, share and enjoy looking back on all that God did in and through me and my family. I will be trying some new ideas and formats, asking some questions of you, and slipping in a few pictures, recipes and craft ideas too. 
Hope to see you here again soon!
Mom and me 2014

"Your blog is a reflection of your life. "

"Why do thousands upon thousands of blogs exist now? Because each person has a unique and interesting story to tell."  I was encouraged as I read this article from Melissa at  http://freeingimperfections.com/being-you-on-your-blog/

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Cindy said...

I can so relate to the things you said here! But I'm glad to see you back! I look forward to reading what you have to share!