Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happiness is...Kids' Club Craziness!

We had a group waiting for us to open the doors!  

Super excited to have great helpers show up.
(This is Tuesday's group)

Lots of energy in this Thursday group. Sweet kids!

You know you work with kids when...
you stay up late glueing wiggly eyes on lollipops for the next day's craft:)

Love that they are learning to pray for their snack each week.

Learning how to write their own names. Yep! It's a big deal and we love it.

Girls' Bible Club is also underway. Above are just two of the girls who continue to attend.

Finally, I am so thankful for my friend, Pam, who has been bit by the Kids' Club Bug.
 It happened last summer, it was fairly serious...
now she is fully committed to helping with our Kids' Club ministries.
 (PS. There are no known cures for this affliction of heart. One must join in the craziness each week.)

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