Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Buttons, anyone? 

It's amazing how someone else's extra buttons can be just the thing to brighten your day. 

I was sitting in the doctor's office and sick of being sick with this cold and cough thing. Let's just say that the month of March has not been my healthiest.  When in walks my friend and physical therapist (a major help during previous injuries). She and I chatted a bit and then she asked, "You wouldn't need any buttons would you?" Hmmm. I had just been looking at a craft idea for the kiddos and needed buttons. "Why yes I do!" I answered.

Don't you just love when God meets a need or want in unexpected ways? 

Can you meet a need/want for someone? It can be as small as a button or as big as a job opportunity. Be available for God to use you to brighten someone's day and lighten their load. 

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