Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sew Much Fun Fridays- Week 4

We have a great group of girls each Friday afternoon for sewing class. 

*Unless we cancel it, like last week, due to a rock throwing, name calling, full out fight between a few kids. Life is never dull around here!

It is a joy to see them learn a new skill and do something they never thought possible...using a real sewing machine.

I am super thankful for the help each week. 

Pam is an amazing addition to the children's ministry programs.

This week we have our special helpers here from California. Sharon is one of my biggest "cheerleaders" in ministry. 

She travels and ministers here several times a year. Doesn't sound like retirement, does it?

This time she brought Katie! I think we will keep both of them! Katie had just arrived at midnight the previous day and jumped right into handling a group of kids to color and play. We even brought out the hula-hoops! Thanks for handling the little ones for us, Katie!

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