Thursday, April 30, 2015

Krazy Creativity: T-Shirt Rag Rug & Distractions

Have you ever had a project that you kept putting off? I have MANY of them. I have good intentions of getting back to it. I have read all the instructions, looked online for tips, prepped and/or bought the needed supplies...then I leave it for another day. That turns into another month or even year! Why do we do that?

Distractions. I know for me, I am very easily distracted. (Like just now the phone rang, my hubby asked me to not to forget to write something down, I am mentally making my grocery list for tomorrow, and oh yea, back to writing this post.) I hope it's not just me who does this:)

A distraction is defined as a thing that prevents someone

 from giving full attention to 

something else.

Sadly, I can even get distracted from doing important things such as sending out an email, returning a phone call, or meeting someone for coffee. What I really hate is when I get distracted from spending some quiet time with the Lord. That's something I just can't afford to be distracted from.

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