Wednesday, April 1, 2015

You just can't get that here!

Raise your hands if you're sure! Remember that commercial back in the day? Well, recently I was close to being very unsure!
I had asked to have a friend bring over a couple Sure deodorants just can't find that here. That got me to thinking about how things are different here.

Things I take for granted while shopping in our home country:
Always finding "my" deodorant on the shelf of Walmart.
Everything is in "season" because if it's not fresh, it's frozen.
If I buy it, they will restock it.
No one jumps the line in front of others.
I don't have to bag my own groceries.
Carts are in every grocery store.
It is possible to one stop shop.
Parking is never a problem.

Things I love about shopping here:
Being surprised by new things in the stores.
Finding a great deal at the outdoor market.
Fresh produce & fruit available daily.
The smell of fresh bread. 
Our friendly pharmacist who knows our meds even when we forget them.
Shopping in "our" neighborhood. Folks just know ya!
If you're short a bit on the money, they just write it down and tell you to pay it next time.
Mom & Pop shops galore in every neighborhood.

I might need my deodorant, crisco and cotton yarn shipped in, but there are alot of great little shops here too.

What is one thing you just can't do without if you live or were to live in a different country?

PS I will be "Sure" and non-stinky at least for a couple months now;)