Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"You just have a screw loose."

Language Laughs: to have a screw loose

 Slang. to be eccentric or neurotic; have crazy ideas

In the midst of being sick for a month and a half with cold, flu, or sinus something or of my crowns came loose. No not my princess tiara or queen bee crown:)

I am not blessed with great teeth (& neither are our sons...sorry about that). So when I noticed that I had a wiggly tooth, I knew it couldn't wait. 

We have an amazing dentist here. She is one of the best...and I have been to many! I arrived to her office, told her my wiggly tooth woes and she began to assess the situation.

She very calmly told me, "Krystal, you just have a screw loose. Not a big problem, we can fix that." At that pronouncement, I lost it and just started to laugh. I then had to share that Americans use those words in a completely different way. We both laughed at me "having a screw loose." 

Have any language bloopers you'd be willing to share? 


Jean Wilund said...

Bahaha!!! This is awesome. And true. I can attest to it. You certainly have a screw loose -- and that's why I love you. You're awesome and authentic!! Love you!

Sharon Hart said...

That is a great story, Krystal!! Love it.

Krystal Zollinger said...

Thanks friends! Life is just real here and keeps ya humble.