Monday, June 22, 2015

"We’re not getting older. We’re getting closer."

"And when it comes to letting the ones you love go, there is nothing to compare. We’re not getting older. We’re getting closer."                                                                        -- Lael Arrington

This is one of my favorite photos of my Dad and I. You've probably seen it before
 and I suspect it will surface again here through the years. 

Father's Day. 

I try to avoid it. Forget it. Skip it on the calendar. That way I don't have to think about my family's loss. My brother and I don't celebrate this day with Pops now. My Mom grieves the loss for her husband daily. We only have memories and photos.  

There are 3 things I hope to encourage you with:

  1. Make memories! Do, go, laugh, cry, talk, sing and laugh some more! 
  2. Take photos. Get in that photo! Get over the fact that maybe you may not be "picture perfect". No one is! 
  3. Make sure "your story"...the one you leave... includes Jesus. He is our only hope of eternity in Heaven.

(The advertising on this bottle of fabric softener made me smile. Heavenly. Long lasting effect. Well, I certainly would hope so. Wouldn't be "heavenly" if not.)

When we leave this earth, we may leave "things" to our families, we may not. 
When we leave this earth, we need to leave an overflow of good memories with our families.
When we leave this earth, we need to be in some of those pictures that we are always taking of others.
When we leave this earth, be certain that your family knows how to spend eternity in Heaven as well.

I am confident that one day, I will see my Dad again.
I will see him in Heaven and he will no longer be suffering from chronic heart & lung disease.
He will be ready to show me around and give me those big bear hugs. I miss those. I miss him.

Go make great memories, take photos and talk about Jesus with those you love. 
Oh, and hug those that are dear to you! Hugs are always a good idea:)

Also, you can visit Lael Arrington's Blog if you click here. She has an excellent blog.

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