Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Saving Soles

Shoes are a luxury for some and a basic need for others.

One day after Kids Bible Club, we were handing out cookies and juice/soda to each of the kiddos. We had been seeing several of our sweet kids really understanding the lesson and asking great questions. We were encouraged! Then clean up began for the next club time. I noticed that one of our volunteers was busy with a hot glue gun. What could she be working on now!? It was almost time to go home. Then around the corner she comes with a very happy girl wearing her newly repaired sandals! Smiles and happy feet! Then we laughed because Pam was busy "saving soles"!

Most of our kiddos don't have the luxury of owning multiple pairs of shoes. Most of my kiddos don't know how to tie shoes with laces. Some might have a pair of flip flops today but tomorrow another family member is wearing them.

They amaze me when they arrive to Bible Club barefoot. Sometimes they share one pair with a friend.  I know the path they walk to get to us. NOT something I could walk barefoot!

Amazing what we can easily take for granted. Let's not take our souls or our soles for granted.

Be thankful. I know I am constantly reminded to be thankful for my salvation and the need to share Jesus with others. I have more than one pair of shoes (many more)  and I need to be thankful.

Now if I could figure out a way to have all sizes of flip flops in our summer prize box...that would be amazing!

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