Sunday, August 23, 2015

A 5 Year Contract in Hand!

Signed. Sealed. Delivered. Finally!

It has been a roller coaster feeling as we were looking for a new place for the Inovat workshop. Primarily, locating a new place is done by "someone-knows-someone-who-might-have-a-place-to-rent".  I guess it would be called "net-working". It's not like you go to a realtor or look in the newspapers for places to rent.

We've found that once you find a place that would work, it's not always a done deal. There are many things that have to be talked through and made clear in the coffee-meetings.

  • Are all legal documents available for the property? 
  • Will the landlords agree to pay the necessary taxes required by law?
  • Is it possible to get electricity & water accounts set up legally?
  • Will the new landlords sign the agreed upon contract at the notary?
  • Did we do or say something culturally inappropriate during the process that offended?
So after many possible locations, many meetings and coffees, hours of help from the landlord of our current home and just taking it day by day...we were absolutely thrilled to have a signed, stamped and completed contract in hand for a new workshop for Inovat. It seems that God saved the best location possibility for last.  Now the major packing and moving of literally tons of equipment begins.

Once you've gone through this process overseas, 

you will never take it for granted back in your home country.

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