Saturday, August 15, 2015

Just My Opinion: Wasted Pages

Why has Betty Crocker wasted precious pages in her cookbook?

I have carried this cookbook across many miles and for many years it's been a great resource. Now I realize that there are wasted pages in that cookbook. 

Seriously, who needs to to know how to cook tongue and brains?!
Oh my! Not me. Those pages could have been used for cookie recipes. Now that would have been a great use of space. 

That's just my opinion.


Lorinda said...

Girl, you're living in the land of koka qengji and you don't like brains or tongue??? ;) Hahaha! Neither do I! Tongue is fine if someone else makes it, but brains? No thanks. Let's have coffee soon!

Krystal Zollinger said...

NO way to tongue! I am not coming to dinner if that is on the menu!