Thursday, August 20, 2015

Locked Out and Locked In!

In one day I was both locked out & locked in! How can that happen?

Well, I somehow lost my door key while out shopping this week. Only my door key. Strange, huh?
I stopped at various shops to get the things on my list. I was checking things off and feeling pretty good about it. So efficient. Look at me go!

I arrived home with my bags of groceries and that feeling of accomplishment left me. I was locked out! Me and our groceries that I had carefully gathered and lugged to the front porch. How did I manage to lose only 1 key? I had time to think about that as I waited for Don to come home and rescue me from my situation. Being locked out.

I was so thankful to be inside our home and not stuck on the porch. Later in the day, I decided I needed a summer nap (Albanians take one after lunch usually in the hottest part of the day). I woke up a bit later, found that Don had gone out for a meeting with a friend. It was just Sage and I enjoying some down time. Then we discovered it. We were locked in! But Sage NEEDED to go OUT! Ugh!

Don had left and locked the door behind him. All safe and secure while I napped. Sweet hubby!
He forgot that I didn't have a door key. That means I can't unlock the door from the inside either! Oh my word! Locked in & locked out in the same day! We could have hopped out the front window in an emergency...and prayed that no one was watching a crazy American woman and her dog climb out a window. Thankfully, we didn't have to. Don was home soon.

Do these things ONLY happen to me?! Please, make me feel better. Share something that will make me feel like there is a group of us that these things happen to.

PS. I think I need to put my new key on something more secure than a pretty ribbon with beads. At least that's what my hubby says. :)

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