Monday, August 24, 2015

Music Moments: "Loyal" (Lyric Video) by Lauren Daigle

"When my world shakes
Your love remains unshaken
So constant, so perfect, unwavering
When my world falls
So constant, so perfect, unwavering"
Your love remains unfailing
"Your love is loyal."

Today's world is just chaos. Turning on the news can cause such sadness and despair. All around the world we see and hear of evil, destruction and heartache. Whether it's natural disasters or man's depravity, one cannot deny that evil "seems" to have the upper hand. This is what our enemy, the devil, would want us to believe.

Just as the lyrics to the song tell us, God is unchanging and His love is perfect and loyal. I can rest in knowing that God has not abandoned His creation. He is still in control even when things seem out of control. 

This world we live in is not like the one God made for us in the beginning. That earth was perfect and sin didn't have a hold on it. That happened when the first couple decided that their way was so much better than God's way. We like to think that we would have made a better decision when confronted with a sinful choice in the Garden. Would we have?

This chaotic, sin-filled world we now live in must make our Heavenly Father sad. He had such a better plan for us. He is all-knowing. He knew that we would sin. He knew that we would need a Savior. 

Today, I am just thankful that His love is greater than my sin. His love is perfect and His love is loyal. I know Who ultimately wins this battle of "Good vs. Evil." Choose to follow Jesus and you too can have hope in the midst of this crazy chaotic world we live in. 

Bekime (Blessings)

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