Monday, August 17, 2015

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

I admit it. I have several social media accounts. Only three of those do I use regularly. I entered the world of social media when our youngest son signed me up for Facebook. Thank you, Jesse!

There have been others with good intentions who have encouraged me to try even more social media platforms. To tell you the truth, I just don't understand how I would benefit from them.

Passwords, security questions, sign on names, snapchats, retweets, hashtags and share! It can be a social media overload for some of us.

I've had a Twitter account since 2008 and a whopping 223 tweets. I finally found out (after asking Mr. Google may questions)the purpose of Twitter. Most people use it as their source for news updates. So for now, I will stick with my 3: Facebook, Instagram and my blog.

 Happy tweeting for those of you who do!

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