Monday, September 28, 2015

Is it Autumn or Fall ya'll?

So which is it?

I have to say for me, it's always been fall. The leaves fall. The temperatures fall. The football falls  hopefully within the endzone for our team. Finally, Autumn does NOT rhyme with ya'll! 

I can't wait till October 1st. That's when I allow myself to decorate a bit for the fall months. I don't start in September because we are still usually sweating hot. 

So I put out a pumpkin here, a scarecrow candle there, a few fake leaves scattered around. I find my scented candle melts that remind me of the change of seasons. 

Those candles can mislead people into thinking I have a apple pie baking in the oven. Not nice, I know. But I will be making a few pies, muffins and cookies now that the house is not 90+ degrees inside.


I still have a thanksgiving drawing by one of our sons from way back. I tend to keep the same decorations year after year. I like the memories they bring. 

Do you have any special memories of the fall season while growing up?

Note: An empty-nester who likes to bake means that I have plenty to share.

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