Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mom's Words of Wisdom & Wit #2

Guest: What's for dinner?

Mom: Oh, just a duke's mixture.

Guest: A what?! 

Mom: No, it's not tobacco. It's a mix mash of leftovers!

Me: I can't find that doohickey you gave me. 

Friend: What are you talking about? I didn't give you a doohickey. What's a doohickey? 

Do you ever have those type of conversations? 

When your family has it's own "special" phrases or words and you think that every family has the same ones? Then you find that in reality, it's a made up word/phrase that only your family uses or it's one that your great-great-grandma's second cousin passed down. 
Such as "He is a real yahoo!" A what?! 

Comment below and share some of your family's "special" words.

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