Thursday, November 12, 2015

Music Moments: Rant, Rave or Sing


That one word is all the explaination needed for those of us living high traffic cities.
It's the reason you leave early for your meeting, but it's never early enough.
It's the reason you can't find a parking space, but you sure can get "booted, ticketed and towed".
It's the reason many folks' prayer life increases as you pray for safety and sanity like never before.
Safety for you, for the other drivers and for the pedestrians who seem to never give a thought to just meandering across the dark road at night, while wearing black and talking on their phones.
Oh my word! I need owl-like night vision here!


It's the intersections with lovely traffic lights that just beg to be obeyed.
It's the blood pressure increasing notion that my lane is really not built for 2 vehicles. Stay in yours.
It's maddening, that while I am waiting for the green turn arrow, others beep and pull in front of me. That is into the middle of the intersection because obviously, that red light is not meant for them.

Usually, I don't rant & rave while driving.
I usually talk calmly to the other drivers, as if we were neighbors. Usually.
It's when you're on your way to church or Bible study (of all places) and you need to check your attitude before even leaving the car.
Something's gotta give!

Blood pressure is up. Tension headache is starting. Irritated and annoyed with TRAFFIC and drivers! Ugh! 


That's my new idea, thanks to the wonderful world of Youtube.
Here, you can listen to another idea for Tirana traffic songs.
Are you smiling yet? 

Comment below and share other traffic-tension-relieving tunes.

Note: Dasvidanya is Russian for "goodbye". We could replace it with Mirupafshim.

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